Fenway Park Opening Day – April 8, 2011

Red Sox Opening Day 2011 from Jillian Geib on Vimeo.


Congressman Keith Ellison

Boston Smoking Ban

An assignment for my JO 351 class, this is a news package I created about a proposed smoking ban in public parks and beaches in Boston.

Where Are You?

A video profile I did of a small restaurant located in Boston University’s South Campus – Audubon.

Story of a Film Major

Check out my latest project, a profile video story about a Film & TV major at Boston University.

“True Blood” Viewership

If you want to catch a glimpse of just how many college students at BU actually watch one of the most popular shows on HBO, “True Blood,” click on the image below to open up an interactive graphic.

Of 500 students surveyed, a total of 361 said they had watched “True Blood” – that’s an overwhelming 72%.

Click on the image to view an interactive graphic

What Does BU Have to Say about Fienberg?

It’s been a few days since his visit on October 21, but Boston University is still buzzing with the presentation of Gregg Fienberg, co-executive producer of hit HBO series “True Blood.” “I’m not even in COM and it was still really interesting to hear the producer of such a popular show talking about the process behind it all,” said Nick Sather, a sophomore BU student in SMG.

When the BU Cinematheque curator, Gerald Peary, introduced Fienberg, he emphasized that “True Blood” is a real accomplishment because “it is not homogenized TV.” Or, as Fienberg himself put it, “we get a little more real, a little more deep; the audience doesn’t have to be spoon-fed.” Do Boston University students agree with this sentiment? Episode 210 of the show, “New World In My View,” was screened during the lecture, and, afterwards, students had varied opinions.

“I really liked the episode. ‘True Blood’ is one of my favorite shows, I’ve watched it since the beginning,” said a sophomore in COM’s film and television department, Koti Zantay. “I love the ‘New Moon’ series, both the books and the movies, but ‘True Blood’ is so much better. It’s actually realistic and the special effects are amazing.”

Junior Amy Neben, also in the film and television department of COM, agreed with Zantay. “The writing behind ‘True Blood’ is so sophisticated,” she said. “There are, like, eight main characters and all of them are so complex. The tone really shifts a lot so the audience stays engaged. It’s brilliant stuff. Plus, the whole ‘vampire’ theme is really popular right now; everyone loves it. It’s a really clever plot line.”

Though most of the audience was enthralled with Fienberg and his work, not everyone was impressed after the screening. Taylor Arion, a freshman in COM whose major is undecided, said after viewing “New World In My View” that she had expected better. “Maybe it just wasn’t one of the stronger episodes of the show, but I didn’t like it much. I think I fell asleep at one point,” Arion said. “It was not believable to me and the actors seemed fake. It was just really stupid, in my opinion.”

After the screening of the episode 210, Fienberg fielded questions and comments from students. One student asked about the title sequence of the show, which is “somewhat unconventional,” according to the student. “I don’t know how that title sequence didn’t win a freaking Emmy,” Fienberg replied. “It’s what really drew me to ‘True Blood’ in the first place; they sent me one of the episodes from Season One, and after watching it I had that song stuck in my head for days. I knew I wanted to work on the show.”

Fienberg also answered questions regarding the special effects of the show, in particular what they used to make the eyes of the vampires look completely black. “They use black lenses which are custom-made for every actor’s eyes,” Fienberg said. “Those are extremely expensive props. Sometimes the actors weren’t able to use them for whatever reason, so they would paint them in later using the computer.”

One question Fienberg refused to answer, of course, was about sneak peaks at the upcoming Season 4 of “True Blood.” “You’ll just have to wait and see!” he said.

Above all, students seemed encouraged by Feinberg’s success story. “It’s good to know that he really did start out at the bottom of the food chain, and now look where he is,” said Christian Perez, a sophomore in COM. “It’s inspiring to think that could be me in 20 years.”

Missed the lecture but still want to catch a glimpse of the process of revision involved from the time a script is drawn up to the time the episode is filmed? Click on the link to view a PDF file of the EP version of the script for the “New World in My View” episode of “True Blood,” provided by Fienberg and HBO.

True Blood EP Draft Season 2 Episode 10

Then, watch the YouTube clip below of the final version of the opening scene of the episode, and see if you can make out the changes made.